The Daily Grind: How do you manage your frustration with MMO griefers?

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I was hanging out in an MMO’s Discord channel a while back when I skimmed through a convo where some folks were grumping about a griefer and demanding that the devs do something about it. Another player chimed in with a comment that absolutely changed my perspective.

“Imagine how crap your life’s gotta be to want to run multiple accounts for farming fake currency in a private server version of a dead MMO,” he chuckled. “Trust me, they aren’t worth getting angry over.”

I’ve been stymied by players griefing and cheating in MMOs many times over the years, and I wish I could’ve shared that observation with my younger self to spare myself some frustration. Yes, I’m annoyed, but imagining how grim the life of the person who’s, say, corpse-camping newbies for eight hours straight must be – and what must have happened to him to put him in that unfortunate, useless place – definitely turns the tables and takes the edge off my immediate grumping. Pity is weirdly powerful.

How do you manage your frustration with MMO griefers?

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