Phantasy Star Online 2 asks for New Genesis beta feedback


The May closed beta test for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis wrapped up this past weekend, but the discussion of the client is ongoing. SEGA is asking all beta participants to deliver feedback through a website survey.

Plus, there’s incentive. That got your attention, didn’t it?

If you fill out the short survey, you’ll granted a free bundle of SG for the future game release. This is only for beta testers (as you’ll have to log into this survey with those credentials) and will need to be completed by May 23rd.

Of course, you could give New Genesis feedback in another quarter — our comments! Did you play? What’d you think about this updated and revised version of the game? We’ll have our own impressions up later today, so stay tuned.


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Kero Kero

Yea they wanted to know if I played “Warflame” in the past :) I got a kick out of that.

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I want to stress the importance of this survey… if you were in beta and want to let devs know what in the game should be changed for the better, completing this survey is likely the only way to have your voice heard.

Bruno Brito

I solved the WinUpdate issue and the beta ended.


Eric Gray Jr.

Going back to og pso2 (JPN version) afterwards has just solidified the fact the base game is/has been the NGS waiting room. However, I can easily see improvements they touch up on.

Mobility was fantastic.. Except for climbing up walls. When in the photon glide or a full run, your pp comes to a regen halt. If they do take advantage of that and if one holds the dash button while gliding or running while not engaged, let an aura build around your character, making one move faster. Call this Photonic Overdrive. (could lock this behind a main class lvl and sp requirement and made as a passive ability) Contacting a wall with the aura on will swiftly drain the remainder pp and go into a wall run. Auto wall kick off on pp drained, or dash button release. (could reduce pp usage with more sp/main class levels acquired)

Contacting an enemy with this aura, kicks you slightly above them or backwards, depending on directional input response once kick connects, causing an engagement. (Only works when the user engages. Normal dash and glide usage is available while engaging.)

While unengaged, and/or at certain pp thresholds (again, can be enhanced with main class level/sp to not be abused) Photonic Overdrive goes on a short cooldown before it can be activated once more.

If you haven’t guessed, it’s mainly used for traversal and so melees can get to their marks before a ranged or tech user can snipe it.