Astroneer is adding a hoverboard, new vehicles, and new missions this month in the Jet Powered update


Few games can’t be improved with the addition of hoverboards. Think about it. How much better would traversing the world be? And mounted combat? Forget about it; taking down baddies while pulling sick tricks is everything my inner ’90s kid would want. This isn’t to suggest that the survival sandbox of Astroneer is getting these kind of things, but it is getting a hoverboard as part of June’s Jet Powered update, which is nearly as good.

The devs at System Era Softworks unveiled the update as part of their roadmap plans for 2021, promising a new mission chain that will unlock brand-new vehicles, new items, and an entire new gameplay system. There will also be the aforementioned hoverboard, which can be fitted onto a character’s backpack to be deployed any time (so long as you have power), as well as some mysterious new vehicle which will get more details later this week.

As for the rest of the game’s 2021 roadmap, the post states that nebulous development time will require future updates to remained greyed out until they’re closer to launch, but players can expect two more updates to arrive this year. In my mind, though, it’s going to be hard to top hoverboards.

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