Blade & Soul teases Dual-Blades class in new trailer


Blade & Soul certainly isn’t hurting for character classes that wield a sword, or even classes that dual-wield, but what if there’s a class that dual-wields swords? That’s what’s coming when the game releases its UE4-powered Revival update in the third quarter of this year: the rather on-the-nose Dual-Blades class.

“The 14th class coming to Blade and Soul is a master of dual wielding. They embody lightning speed, devastating attacks, and flashy combat. The thrill of this unique swordfighter is found in pushing their limits, perfecting their combat, and risking their life for the thrill of improving their skills and honing the edge of their blades. They live by the mantra: the best defense is a good offense.”

The Dual-Blades class will have two specs: one that reads like it unleashes stronger attacks the closer to death the player character is, and another that attacks with energy waves from a distance. There aren’t too many details about the game’s 14th class right now, but we can all expect it to arrive once B&S makes its Revival, as well as take in the cinematic trailer below to get a general idea of what to expect.

Swords. Expect swords. Two of them.


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Looks like Lyn need not apply. :(


If I understand Blade and Soul correctly, you will in a future update get a Dual Dancer class


O.O !!

…I hope your right!