Closers’ latest character is knives out… to the max


I always wondered what happened to the infamous little kid who found a pocket-knife at a party and was so gleeful about it. Wherever he is, he’s probably flipping out that Closers has released the knife class to end all knife classes with its June update.

Eunha, the 18th playable character released in Closers, brings a whole lot of knife action to the table. But it’s not merely stabby-stabby; it’s crazy and over-the-top knife showers and knife explosions and Eunha herself becoming a literal knife in only the way that Closers can do.

Check out the trailer below and then go grab yourself a knife and get to poking bad guys! In game only, please.

Source: Twitter

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Joseph Hawks
6 months ago

Right from the early days of its launch, Closers was like a new breeze, appealing to gamers who were already too bored with the dreamy swordplay and fantasy game genres. Thrilling plot, fierce, epic and vibrant confrontations, beautiful characters, diverse skills, Closers converges all the elements that promise a “boom” in many markets.