Harry Potter: Wizards Unite celebrates its second anniversary with 742 million real-world kilometers walked

Last cast.

Those that choose to dive in deep with an alternate reality game should expect to walk (and drive) an awful lot. And all of that shambling, ambling, and shuffling has racked up incredible results in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, as the collective community has walked nearly 742 million kilometers so far.

This factoid — and others! — comes with the celebration of the ARPG’s second anniversary. Niantic and Portkey Games put out an infographic with some fun stats while taking a victory lap with the community.

And if you haven’t been following the storyline of Wizards Unite (believe it or not, there’s a surprisingly lengthy storyline), the devs provided a handy catch-up post of all of the narrative to date.


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Malcolm Swoboda
6 months ago

Vow to no money or time towards anything HP related.

6 months ago

Since the article forgot to mention it, I’ll bring up the fact that the game earns money for Rowling, who is a raging transphobe who has made hurting transgender people her raison d’etre for the last few years.