Elyon teases experience curve rebalance coming in August’s closed beta test

You got boring real fast.

KRAFTON is back with another update on the state of Elyon as we press onward to the second closed beta test in August. “With our second Closed Beta Test, we want you to be able to play a more updated version,” the studio says. “So we will bring you a build that is much closer to the current Korean build than we did with CBT1. This will include many of the changes, updates and new features that have happened over the last few months and we’ll start sharing some of the details with you over the next few weeks.”

Notably, we can expect the Slayer class, class balance adjustments, new mana awakening skills, an easier leveling curve, the western game service and infrastructure, localization beyond English, and support. Here’s the skinny on the leveling changes:

“The overall amount of XP gained from killing monsters will increase starting on level 40, with an XP increase of 15 percent. This will make it easier to level up. Killing monsters of level 41 will give an XP increase of 20 percent, while monsters with a level of 42 and above will give an XP increase between 27 and 30 percent.”

KRAFTON does say that it’ll make keys for the second closed beta easier to get, and the test round with include far more people, so you’ve got a much better chance of getting into the August test.


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6 months ago

Story is terrible but open and varied game world is fantastic and the RVR was best I’ve played in a long time.