TitanReach adds revamped Glimmermoore and standalone launcher in today’s early access update


At long last, after lots of tweaking and adjusting and development, TitanReach has opened the doors to the new and improved Glimmermoore with the launch of today’s early access update. Followers of the game know that it’s taken some time for the devs at Square Root Studios to get to this point, with the most recent development blog sharing additional details on the region’s revamp along with other showcases of 3-D models, amulets, and animations.

While Glimmermoore 2.0 is certainly a featured attraction, the latest update has also opened up a PvP island for players to smack each other around on, some new creatures to fight and pets to collect, a day/night cycle, new cloth physics, and a variety of adjustments. The update also sees the game getting its own dedicated launcher, which can be downloaded from the website or from the game’s Discord.

MMO players will recall that TitanReach ran a failed Kickstarter in 2020 and weathered several controversies before entering early access for paying backers this past spring; its roadmap suggests a huge amount of content still to be completed before the 2022 release window.


sources: official site (1, 2), Twitter
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