TitanReach has officially kicked off early access

Here we go with this nonsense again.

To hear the story of Titan Reach, you might not believe the game would have gotten this far. The MMO from Australia-based Square Root Studios first tried its hand with Kickstarter in September 2020, which ultimately failed and caused the devs to plan a shift to Indiegogo instead but ended up ultimately eschewing that plan for its own store instead while also warning that the project would need funding or, in the studio’s own words, it would be “all over.” Of course, it wasn’t over, as the devs continued to kick out a wide variety of updates showcasing work on character models, items, music, and more.

It’s all finally led up to this, as the game has officially released into early access. The devs make a point to stress that the game is in a minimum playable state and is missing several key features. “The game is not yet at a point where people can play it as their daily MMO,” notes the post. “We intend for players to play for a small amount of time with the option to grind higher stats if they really want.”

That said, there are a variety of key features that are different from the demo version of the game, including a completely rebuilt map, new character models, a quest system, trading, pets, a friends list feature, and the ability to chop down every single tree that players can see. Fans who played the demo will also note that XP rates have been significantly reduced, swimming has seen improvement, and cooking now takes player level into account. As for future features, expect a PvP island, a quest log, more character customization, and a dedicated game launcher in the coming weeks.

For those who want to buy in to the game’s early access, you have to be registered to even see the store. Luckily for us, Reddit has some price details: $70 normally, though it’s currently on sale for $56. Incidentally, that same Reddit reply indicates that the game’s closed alpha will be cheaper and is projected to have about eight months’ worth of dev time behind it, while the full game, due to release sometime in 2022, will have an $8 monthly sub fee.


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Peregrine Falcon

Will this be the first crowd-funded MMO to ever actually launch?

I’m pretty sure it’s not the first crowd-funded video game to launch, but it’s gotta be within the first ten or so, right?

Francis Baud

Yea… I can think of only 3 crowdfunded MMOs (4 if we include Elite: Dangerous) that actually released.

Sean Reynolds

If nothing else, the saga of this game’s development has got me intrigued. However, $70 for an early access title is pretty steep for me considering how many times I’ve gotten burned. I wish them luck though, and I’ll be watching it progress with much interest. I’m happy to see they are planning on a subscription model. MMOs need to go back to that as the F2P model is rarely good (for the consumer anyway).

Vanquesse V

Disregarding the drama around this title, I really hope they pull through because they have some good ideas on how to evolve the concepts of runescape. That there isn’t any good alternatives to runescape is a tragedy imho

Francis Baud

Just learned about this project, seems like it’s being developed by a small studio of about 6 devs. They’ve done a great job so far. The skill system seems pretty deep and the visuals look good.