Netflix hires a new vice president of game development for its game division

You know what this is.

In case you had forgotten, Netflix wants to get into the video game industry in some capacity, because being successful in one area of online commerce will naturally translate to other areas of online commerce. What’s that you’re saying about some river in South America? Hush up. Anyway, the latest part of that push is hiring a new VP of game development, Mike Verdu, making him the first person to hold this particular role.

The good news is that Mike Verdu definitely has experience in the field, having just previously served with Facebook as the overseer of Oculus Studios and previously working in the mobile division of Electronic Arts. The bad news is… probably that exact resume, depending on what you were hoping for out of Netflix getting into video games. Still, as the streaming giant has yet to announce any actual plans, it’s probably just a good sign that there’s a serious push here. Some great games might happen as a result!

Please stop muttering “Lumberyard” under your breath. Why are you doing that?

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