WRUP: Glassware Stair Ax, the MMO with something for everyone edition

This one is for my wife folks

Yes, it’s time for a hard pivot to cover the amazing Glassware Stair Ax, the MMO with something for everyone! Not something anyone involved will want. Here is what we have for every player type we could think of:

  • Roleplayers: A piece of moldy bread we found in the garbage.
  • Crafters: A piece of moldier bread we found underneath the first piece of moldy bread.
  • Progression fans: Digital signs saying that you’re a big boy now.
  • Progression not-fans who expect they’ll have to raid anyway: A piece of breaded mold.
  • PvP fans: Raids, but you have to make a show of pain to get inside.
  • Casuals: An unsubscribe button.
  • Mobile gamers: Esports.
  • Gatherers: The work print of Apocalypse Now played at 1/4 speed.
  • Gankers: Justice for your crimes.
  • Erotic roleplayers: Hardcore dungeons. The monster kind. Not the kinky kind.
  • Hardcore dungeon fans: Hardcore dungeons. The kinky kind. Not the monster kind.
  • Couldn’t you just swap which one you go to?: No.
  • Gundam fans: No robots.
  • Gundam haters: All the robots.
  • People ambivalent about Gundam: Wintergreen chewing gum.
  • Magazine subscribers: No articles.
  • What Are You Playing fans: Breaded mold that itself has gotten moldy again.

Bonus question: When do you like to do your grocery shopping?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): I’ll be doing some Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite, plus probably give that Witcher AR game a spin because they’re not Activision-Blizzzard. And I need sunlight after GDC. Also, a nap or five.

Ugh, Eliot making me give up my grocery shopping secrets! Fine!

  1. When your schedule is flexible, do it during midday restocking, especially on delivery day. Not sure if every supermarket does this or if it started during COVID, but once I found out about it, I could avoid the crowds and get high-demand items. Mm, simple ingredient garlic spread.
  2. At the end of a work day, on my way home, but before closing. It worked better in Japan, but especially with bakeries, that’s when you can get some major deals.

Now, stay away from my discount croissants, Eliot.

Ben Griggs (@braxwolf): I just finished the agent career missions in EVE Online, and I’m told the next step in my slow advancement is to start the Sisters of EVE content, so I’m going to try that. Hopefully without too many ship sacrifices.

I like it when my wife goes grocery shopping, but considering she’s not a fan either, we usually end up going together to ensure mutual misery. The real answer to the question is “at the last possible second.”

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): For sure I’ll be in Albion Online. Beyond that, I’m not sure. I think I’ve already seen enough of the New World beta to buy it. I guess I gotta check in on Star Wars Galaxies Legends stuff too. Maybe I’ll cave and buy The Sims 4 Cottage Living expansion that just launched. After this week, I could use something cozy.

The pandemic completely changed how we get groceries. Right now, I put in my orders and pick stuff up on Fridays or sometimes Saturdays. It saves time and is much safer, and it saves money too because I can’t be ensnared by “ooooh what’s that, let’s get some,” but it’s also not as fun.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I might dip a little more into the New World beta, and I’d like to better learn how to chase crafting materials and continue to build up my holdings in Star Wars Galaxies Legends. Also, some more shenanigans in Final Fantasy XIV.

I don’t really have a grocery day necessarily, but sometimes I do tend to do larger shops on my days off from job two, so on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Most of the time I get stock as needed or ingredients as wanted.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): It’s Review Weekend for me, playing games I can’t talk about right now but I promise will be cool, at least. Maybe a touch of FFXIV in there. Definitely nothing from Activision-Blizzard.

During summer break, my wife and I tend to do our grocery shopping either Monday or Friday morning. During the school year, it’s Sunday. Reliable and straightforward.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): With the upcoming announcements for Guild Wars 2, I’m really beginning to worry about how far behind I am. I basically stopped playing the story at the start of the pandemic so that I could complete it after they added the voice acting back in. But you know how hard it is to overcome inertia and I just haven’t been motivated enough to go back to it. So now that I can see something new is really on the way I need to get caught up. I might also try to get some Crowfall time in. With the New World beta I haven’t had the time to do both but I need to just focus on one for now.

Bonus: My SO is fantastic and almost always picks up groceries during the day. If not though, we’ll go Sunday as a fam.

Tyler Edwards (blog): I’m trying to finally finish the last of the DLC in Dungeons 3, and I might play a little Magic: Legends while I still can.

Bonus question: Ideally around midday on a weekday. Usually less crowded.

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My weekend, almost over now, was taken up mainly by more Swords of Legends Online, finally got all my gear maxed out in preparation for the raid next week. Was surprisingly easy, with minimal RNG and guaranteed upgrades from drops, it went quite quickly. A week behind the most hardcore players, but still quick enough to not feel like I would never catch up.

Also downloaded and played some Pokemon Unite and have been enjoying it. I like that it is on console and I can use a controller, and that it is quite basic once in the match (no items). Reminds me of why I enjoyed Heroes of the Storm.

hooby _

Needs more molded bread.

Bruno Brito

I need a really strong break from everything Blizzard related so i went deep into my memories and decided to pick up games i wouldn’t consider playing today:

I went back to Priston Tale, and i’m waiting for FlyFF Project M this year. It’s amazing about how for such a bad game, Priston has some cool stuff, like using a skill allows you to be more proficient with it to the point where the CD diminishes. It’s quite interesting, for what is just a shallow 3D diablo-like.

I also downloaded Tree of Savior, i wanna see how it holds up for a casual play session. And i’m considering Albion.

And since today is the birthday of a friend, i made her a gift. I gotta paint it later.


Erotic roleplayers: Hardcore dungeons. The monster kind. Not the kinky kind.

Well…! Lucky for Glassware Stair Ax, that… is… Exactly my… FETISH! (insert Insane Professor Hojo Laugh here).

And… I’ll leave it at that!

Still mostly singleplayer for me. I had thought about buying ‘Ender Lilies’ off Steam earlier this week when, low and behold, it’s ‘delayed release date’ from early July was suddenly… earlier this week! It’s very much a Hollow Knight-styled Metroidvania, but the music and atmosphere are striking and the gameplay is fun–if prone to finding yourself locked into a few easy staples for attacks.

I also picked up Cris Tales and… put it down almost immediately. It’s got a fun concept mechanically and it’s very much a ‘Paper Mario’ styled system of timing button presses for attacks and defense… but it’s also a system that practically requires you to be hitting perfects on it far too early, and also isn’t clear about when. Timing is muddy visually, so you’ll almost never know when to hit the button… it’s also not really… reactive, when you do. There’s no flourish or sound, just a ‘good’ or ‘great’ that pops up. They included a vibration for the timing as well, and that is essentially mandatory to ever hit a ‘perfect’.
It also throws starter enemies at you who deal 40+ damage with a rather high frequency rate (random fights, unlike PM where you see them on the field) and your characters only have… 120hp max at the moment. Oh, and no healing items… and no healing on level ups.

It is… not balanced well. And it clearly didn’t receive any sort of testing by people who hadn’t played the game to death at that point beforehand because if you constantly nail perfect blocks? It’s manageable! But miss even one or two, and it causes a death spiral that is guaranteed almost inescapable. It desperately needed a balance pass and some fresh eyes for quality. And, apparently, the demo they released before-hand gave you plenty of healing items to start with that aren’t there in the actual game. So… good as it looks to be, that game is an easy ‘pass’ until a patch addresses the shockingly poor decision there.

Damon Anderson
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Damon Anderson

I’m playing ESO, I have been playing my Warden and have a solo/dps build worked out that is fun, only lvl 28 so no doubt there will be changes, also have a healing build that probably will work fine for my lvl. Also some Monster Hunter World, it gets a bit stressy sometimes although when I am in the zone (that’s what I am going to call it, others may call it “adequate”) it’s alot of fun. Also downloaded Elite Dangerous, I plan to try that, also a game called The Long Dark. That’s about it for gaming, have a great weekend and week ahead, whoever you are that may read this…

Danny Smith

over 60 hours into Monster Hunter stories 2 and boy it just continues to mog on Pokemon. I just got my first Monsti that can fly in the overworld and you know what happens in pokemon? a screenwipe and you teleport to a pokemon center on the map. In MHS2? IT TAKES OFF AND YOU CONTROL IT TO FLY AROUND IN FULL 3D MOVEMENT. What a crazy idea right? plus the story is starting to improve though monhun as a whole suffers from “a species of elder dragon is upsetting the ecological balance” so i doubt its going to deviate much here.
Also super weird to hear Japan walk out into the arena floor at the Olympics to the Monster Hunter theme. If they had to pick a videogame track you would assume something from Dragon Quest to represent Japan but i get the feeling Monster Hunter, which was always japans call of duty to dragon quests Pokemon to use western sales comparisons very roughly, is starting to maybe even out the difference as DQ diehards get aged out as they started in the NES days but Monhun only really exploded with the PSP generation.

I also got Skyward Sword HD, the only Zelda game i’ve never played, and boy its rrrrough. I can see why it has such a bad reputation. Still not as bad as Spirit Tracks which seems to almost universally be agreed to be the worst entry in the mainline series but man no wonder this one isn’t remembered as fondly which is a shame as its the prequel that sets up the whole zelda universe and why theres always a link, zelda and demon lord of some kind repeating in the timeline from Zelda 1 to Breath of the Wild and has all these neat touches like the main theme being zeldas lullaby from ocarina of time backwards. Theres clearly love in there but its just such a weak entry compared to all the other 3d games. Like love or hate the art style or triforce hunt but wind wakers controls and dungeons were immaculate by comparison.

Beyond that i’m full BiS as Red Mage in FFXIV so i’m working on my last step for my Dark Knight Relic Weapon then i’m going to work on my White Mage and Dancer ones at the same time. I reckon by Endwalker i could probably finish them all but theres around 7 i really want to finish. Also i was already sherpa’ing a few friends who were joining the game after dropping WoW but after this week its basically my entire raid guild circa cataclysm jumping ship and thank god for discord letting me explain the mechanics en masse i’ll say that much.

And i’m still chipping away at restoring my PS2 collection i traded in as a dumb teen and picked up a copy of Silent Hill 2 and Clock Tower 3 with mint condition discs for a pittance when usually they hit 40-100 online. CT3 in particular is starting to shoot up after folks like the highly recommendable Ragnarox put out videos talking about how its basically the game that really cemented “a great horror game needs a persistent unkillable pursuer type enemy” and i’m glad its finally getting the respect its long overdue.


Nothing, as apparently reading up on MMO news has been turned to a 24/7 activity, dropping even more and more on weekends! o.O

Toy Clown

Fallout 76 still has the bulk of my attention. It really captures the sandbox feeling that I love from past games such as SWG. I can’t put it down, even though I’ve done all the quests and content. Just happily playing with camps, collecting, bettering my gear, etc.

I’m conflicted about FFXIV. Played through the free log-in term, subbed for a month, and immediately fell into the type of gameplay I’ve come to hate, which is doing the same thing over and over every time I log in. Repetition absolutely kills me if I’m not getting paid for it. (Even that is a struggle at times.)

Bonus Question: When do you like to do your grocery shopping? Through the pandemic, I fell into doing grocery shopping once every two weeks. I hate shopping, so it was an added win, and I realized after comparing costs that I was saving money by not going to the store every week. I’ve tried to work going in once a month, but sadly it doesn’t work if you buy fresh vegetables and dairy as they go off. I tend to go Friday noon-ish, which is after they’ve put their truck shipments away and have re-stocked for the weekend so that I can get the freshest items possible.

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Jack Pipsam

Not much happening for me apart from the normal grind of work, I had kind of slowed down a bit on Crowfall as I was just running around in God’s Reach doing bits and pieces, most of my guild had moved across to New World. So, the sudden out of nowhere announcement of an Australian Dregs breathed life straight back into the game as the guild snapped back and like before, we showed up like we said we would.
My gear is pretty rubbish and I’m still learning the game really, but I have felt the rush within the Dregs of everything being open season, my guild is currently in third or so place overall with around 50-60 folks in the guild online on its first night, so my guesstimation is that around 150-200+ players must have been in there around then. The idea of needing “thousands of 25+ accounts” never made any sense to me, what you need is that dedicated core, not thousands of accounts of folks who wouldn’t end up playing, but thankfully after it became clear that we weren’t going to shut-up (and the accidental drama I created on the forums for the game’s producer, whoops) we got it, no doubt it’s just a test to see if we actually showed up or not, so hopefully it now means come next round we’ll just be included as a default, otherwise those players will be going straight back to New World lol. So, it’s really up to ArtCraft at this point.
I still can’t shake the feeling the game has already peaked, folk seem to really like New World now, so I reckon Crowfall is still very much in danger.

PS. I shop when I need it, that’s about it. I try to go either walking after work if I only need a few things, it’s just across a creek, past the indoor pool and there’s a major supermarket, or going at night when there’s less folk to a different less populated supermarket (where I used to work actually), I hate parking so I just try and go where the people are not, which isn’t always easy.
Of course when I was still at uni there was this supermarket at the major train station (Southern Cross Station) in Melbourne, talk about a smart location to have a place to grab something you need before hopping on the train home.


Another thing I’ve been trying to do this week end is see where this POS, Alex “Furor” Afrasiabi, landed after leaving Blizzard. I’m normally not a ‘Cancel Culture’ kind of guy but some one should start pressuring his next employer before he hurts other women.

Perhaps my time would be better spent reading Wheel of Time or playing GW2.