Blade and Soul plunges into a new forest dungeon on September 8


With several MMOs pumping out patches on September 8th, Blade and Soul is going to have to work extra hard to get your attention. How about the addition of a sinister forest dungeon with tons of new rewards? That should perk up the ears of any adventurer, we should think.

The Forest of Echoes instance is set to arrive in the game very shortly: “Great darkness is oozing out of the Dawnspring Forest, and only you can stop it from spreading before it reaches Savan Village and turns all living creatures against each other. With this new four-player dungeon system, you only need four brave souls to seal up the bad juju and save the villagers.”

There are three difficulty levels to work your way up through in this dungeon with associated rewards. Players can earn treasure chests, rare elements, master weapons, and a Foxfire cosmetic by beating the three bosses in this dungeon.

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