Pokemon Unite mobile update adds squads, addresses pay-to-win items


The mobile version of Pokemon Unite is almost upon us, and TiMi Studio Group is giving us more than just crossplay: The new Galactic Ghost 094 battle pass season has some nice skins from the looks of it, but we’re also seeing a feature called “Squads.” While there’s almost no information about them pre-launch, the press asset screenshots make the feature appear to be guild-like in nature. Here’s the official description: “Trainers can create their own squads or search for already-existing squads to join and connect with other players. By choosing squad tags that others can search for, like-minded Trainers can find each other easily.”

Teaming up with your friends is great, but potentially addressing the pay-to-win image is even better. A new letter from the Unite Team suggests that player feedback has been seen and heard, as the problematic item-enhancers, which are highly expensive to max out for only a slight gain, will be more accessible, with “super item enhancers that can upgrade a held item to grade 30” becoming a thing players can get from new in-game events. Combined with the statement that “new held items [will] introduce fresh strategies,” there may be a reason for players who abandoned the game over its business model to return. Players who fear gachapon mechanics just for skins may still want to hold back from the game though, as that complaint was not addressed (unless the new Battle Pass pushing skins is TiMi’s answer).

Launch is also bringing the previously mentioned campaign rewards, which players met so easily that new goals were added and surpassed. Players who missed the Switch release of Zeraora will have access to a quest to unlock it, while those who already have the Thunderclap Pokemon will receive coins instead. It’s looking like Pokemon Unite’s mobile campaign is really going to affect the game as a whole, on all of its available platforms.


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Mike Pieniaszek

its a really fun game… got a switch a few days ago and have been playing it like crazy…

its a more simple moba more similar to hots than league… yes you can buy the material to rank up the items to increase your skills but you can also rank them up via gameplay….

as of 5 days ago when i started playing, between the free version of the season pass and the current events, i was able to get one stat item almost maxed and another halfway maxed before the servers came down… (maybe have slightly over 4 hours or less of gameplay) and according to what i heard there making it even less difficult to get the so called pay to win items now…

note that this post was down prior to the mobile launch with early access info from the switch version, so things will likely change when the servers come back up in a few hours with the official launch patch, but overall i have enjoyed the game… yes you can buy the items to rank up the stat items…. but they also give the currency to upgrade them at a decent pace as well (at least in early access on switch)….

there is a season pass with weekly missions, every 2-3 lvs a free player gets a few items as well, normally currency to upgrade the so called pay to win stat items.

they also have intro quests that unlock daily that give you currency, and clothing… daily for certain challenges… between playing as well as those challenges, i was able to unlock the character i wanted within the first 3 days of playing casually