Wuthering Waves is a co-op open world RPG heading to PC and mobile May 22

It looks like the explosive popularity of one specific co-op anime RPG is spawning another title cut from a similar cloth. Say hello to...

Crossplatform gacha MMO Astra Knights of Veda has officially launched as Steam reviews turn red

As promised, Astra Knights of Veda has officially launched today under the HYBE IM banner. The free-to-play fantasy anime mini-MMO boasts crossplay between the...

Fight or Kite: Love anime, mechs, and battle royale? Super Mecha Champions is probably for you

If you’re anything like me, you love a good, dumb battle against other players. You also love all kinds of action anime. Maybe even...

Genshin Impact’s latest update replaces Tighnari’s English voice actor after sexual allegation scandal

The latest patch available for Genshin Impact features a lot of things in its notes, but fans might also see an important piece of...

The Daily Grind: How do you handle online gacha games?

With titles like Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy making inroads with the online RPG genre, it's probably best that we had a discussion...

Fight or Kite: Starborne Frontiers is an autobattler with plentiful monetization schemes

When Starborne: Frontiers was first announced back in June of 2021 (which, wow, I can’t believe it was that long ago), I was extremely...

Tower of Fantasy launches update 1.5, Artificial Island, complete with your own house to build

If you've played Tower of Fantasy and thought to yourself, "Hey, this game feels like anime gacha WildStar, but it lacks housing," the latest...

Tower of Fantasy applies a fix and issues compensation for a bugged gacha banner

Tower of Fantasy is a game with a gacha monetization model, which means that those who engage in the practice of pulling for a...
And then he kicked me ♪

Genshin Impact preps up for patch 2.8 releasing on July 13

Genshin Impact knows what detectives are. They're fighters who punch things with the elemental power of wind. Right? That's how detective-ing works. It's how...

Pokemon Unite mobile update adds squads, addresses pay-to-win items

The mobile version of Pokemon Unite is almost upon us, and TiMi Studio Group is giving us more than just crossplay: The new Galactic Ghost...

The Soapbox: Pokemon Unite’s monetization is gross and threatens a competent game

By now, you've probably seen several articles about the poor monetization in Pokemon Unite, often based on Reddit posts or streamer hot takes. Most talk...
Emergency food.

Genshin Impact has made a billion dollars in its first six months of operation

For a while there it seemed like no one would stop with the Genshin Impact memes, huh? But six months out from launch, it seems...

Explaining Genshin Impact’s impact: Is it actually worth your time?

In Explaining Genshin Impact’s impact: The reinvention of gachapon, I went into the nitty-gritty of the gacha system and how it's actually pretty easy...

Explaining Genshin Impact’s impact: The reinvention of gachapon

Yes, I know Genshin Impact isn't an MMORPG. It's not even an MMO; it's just regular old multiplayer. But when its first four days...
It sells the landing.

First Impressions: Genshin Impact is half decent ARPG and half gacha

I forget when I first heard about Genshin Impact, but it was a while back, and it was something that I earmarked for the future...
It sells the landing.

The Daily Grind: Does gacha have a place in MMO business models?

Just so, so many of my friends are playing Genshin Impact these days -- and not just playing, but gushing over the fun, the...

GDC Summer 2020: Gachapon reward models in (mostly) free-to-play games

Let's be real: Some of the panel titles at GDC Summer 2020 are unintentionally misleading. For example, the "Evolution of Gacha Systems in Mobile...

Player who claims a mobile RPG’s gacha mechanics were falsely advertised loses court case

Fair game monetization and gamer spending are topics that are on the minds of many right now, and one of the more slippery monetization...

MMO Business Roundup: Japanese lockboxes, POGO and Square Enix financials, and Prima’s end

"The Good Times Are Over for Japan’s Loot-Box-Style Gaming Bonanza" - that's the brutal headline plonked onto this week's Bloomberg report on Japanese lockboxes....
Fair's fair.

Nexon is fined for using shady lootbox ‘gachapon’ techniques in South Korea

If you've ever been frustrated over online games refusing to disclose the odds of winning anything in lockboxes, then get ready to do a...