Tower of Fantasy launches update 1.5, Artificial Island, complete with your own house to build


If you’ve played Tower of Fantasy and thought to yourself, “Hey, this game feels like anime gacha WildStar, but it lacks housing,” the latest patch has you covered. The Artificial Island includes a home where you can make your own space, decorate it how you like, and maybe when no one is looking whisper something about ProtoStar under your breath. We won’t tell anyone. Promise.

Obviously, the update has more to do than just housing; after all, the release of a new artificial island you can investigate following level 50 and doing a series of quests means a new map to explore complete with a new world boss and a new in-game event with new characters to add to your lineup. You know, just in case you forgot the “gacha” part of that earlier line. Still, if having a house and exploring more landscape outweighs any gacha concerns for you, go ahead and dive into the latest update right now.

Source: Press release
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