Genshin Impact preps up for patch 2.8 releasing on July 13

And then he kicked me ♪

Genshin Impact knows what detectives are. They’re fighters who punch things with the elemental power of wind. Right? That’s how detective-ing works. It’s how the new character Shikanoin Heizou works when he’s added to the game as part of patch 2.8, and this four-star melee catalyst user is clearly what everyone should expect from detectives always and forever. You can trust him. He’s a detective.

Of course, he’s hardly the only feature being added to the game with the patch; players will also have a renewed chance at drawing prior popular characters like Klee, Kazuha, and eventually Yoimiya. And that’s not even counting the actual content like the return to the Golden Apple Archipelago that’s been revamped and improved. There are also new summer events coming along including some calm boating antics and the Hidden Strife event (complete with Diluc’s new costume). If you’re a big fan of how Genshin Impact feels in play, just get ready for the patch before its arrival in a week.

Source: YouTube, PC Gamer
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