ArcheAge preps the Abyssal Kraken and highlights inspirations for the Great Prairie’s creatures

It lurks.

Release the Kraken! Specifically the Abyssal Kraken, which is coming to ArcheAge in an update arriving tomorrow. Sporting over 8M hit points, a mythic grade, and many slappy arms, this big beast of the deep will very likely test players’ naval combat skills as well as offer rewards like currencies and gear for the victorious.

Other features arriving in the patch include improvements to the Guardian of the Gods teleport stone, the addition of the Stillwater Gulf naval area, and a new ArchePass for Unchained along with a few other general fixes.

Meanwhile, Kakao Games has shared a video that offers an inside look at how several guardians located in the new Great Prairie of the West update were concepted, while the tail end of the video confirms that a fresh start server is coming this year and teases a new update. That can be watched below the break.

sources: official site (1, 2), YouTube
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