ArcheAge’s Great Prairie of the West update is live for western players


Kakao and XLGAMES have dropped a whopper of a patch on ArcheAge players today as the Great Prairie of the West is live. As we’ve been covering, the update includes the new Great Prairie region loaded with quests, bosses, and achievements, as well as the new PvP mode, combat tweaks, and siege rebalance.

Kakao is running multiple events to usher in the update; the Great Prairie of the West Celebration Event includes free level boosters and buffs, while the Back-to-Arche event will run through August 25th and is intended to recruit new and lapsed players to the game with hefty gifts. Existing players with Patron status are also receiving a gift bundle. There’s also Marian’s Magic School Festival through July 7th, loaded with themed quests and achievements.

Earlier this week, we chatted with XLGAMES’ Executive Producer Ham Young Jin all about this patch; Ham gave us details on parity for all the servers, the Guardian Scramble PvP balance, and the long-term health and outlook for the game.

Source: Patch notes
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