Starbase adds expandable easy build areas for stations and blueprint shopping lists for the auction house


“Honey, would you go to the auction house of Starbase and get me some blueprints? Make sure to use the shopping list.” This is a conversation that players of the space sandbox can (probably but not really) have right now as the game’s newest patch has added shopping lists for blueprints in its auction house. The feature will even let players see needed materials and parts for a selected blueprint and search for those items in the auction house.

Another main feature of this self-described major patch is the ability for station easy build areas to be expanded – more bigger stations more often! The patch has also made some adjustments to animations, updated railings in station slots (Space OSHA is watching), and made a wide number of fixes and additions to crafting among other things. There’s also been a smaller hotfix to address crashes, game freezes, and in-game mail going missing. Those seem important to fix.

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