Bless Unleashed’s Awakened update for consoles adds new blessings, weapon fusion, and harder bosses


Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players of Bless Unleashed are going to be opening up new power and new faces to use that power on. The Awakened update is introducing an updated blessings and skills system that will allow players to mix and match different abilities and use new blessings, along with a new fusion system for weapon and a costume enhancement system.

Naturally, all of this skill mixing and weapon fusing is useless unless you have some foes to throw those enhancements at, so the Unleashed update is also introducing Semi-Elite Bosses and all-new Twisted Bosses, the latter of which have a time limit to defeat and can randomly spawn with different patterns and skills. Furthermore, these bosses can go berserk if not taken out quickly, increasing their attack damage significantly and also ramping up their attack damage and damage received over time.

There are a lot of other features in the update as well, so console players who want the fully skinny, including information on blessings and skills, will want to scour the patch notes for more.

source: press release
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