Spry Fox is still building a cozy non-violent MMO – and Epic is publishing it


Since last winter, we’ve been covering the encouraging news that Spry Fox, the studio best known for games like Road Not Taken and more recently Cozy Grove, has been working on an MMO – a non-violent game with “awe-inspiring outdoor spaces and intimate village life” that hoped to “improve people‚Äôs lives and reduce toxicity and loneliness in the world.” Information on the game was limited to a couple of sneak-peek images, a few lines of teaser, and a stack of job postings that hint at an anti-toxicity stance and crossplatforminess.

Well, we’re getting a tiny bit more info this week, as Spry Fox announced that it’s going with Epic Games as its publishing partner for the game. Here’s the quote from Epic’s side:

“With the mission statement of making ‘the world a happier place’ through games, the award-winning Spry Fox is best known for creating titles with unique mechanics and approachable and unforgettable worlds. Earlier this year, the studio released Cozy Grove, a life-sim game that combined crafting, collection, discovery, and a memorable narrative. The team is now partnering with Epic Games and using Unreal Engine, Epic Online Services, and Epic Account Services to build its most ambitious title to date, a multiplatform, non-violent, persistent multiplayer game designed to encourage friendship and reduce loneliness in the world. The title will support crossplay and cross-progression.”

We do note here that the game is being called a “persistent multiplayer” game in this excerpt, contrary to the posts from January and April, which explicitly used the word MMO. But don’t panic just yet; Spry Fox’s own job posting from one month ago is still calling it a “3rd person, non-violent MMO.” Yay!

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