Closers throws a Halloween Party full of costumes and consumables


Closers definitely has the basic Halloween spirit – a holiday that’s full of costumes and candy – down pat if the game’s Halloween Party event is anything to go by. Primarily because it’s got lots of costumes and consumables for players of the action MMO to hoover up.

Between now and Wednesday, November 17th, players can enter a Halloween Attraction dungeon – available in normal or hard difficulties – to collect candy that can then be traded in for a plethora of cosmetic rewards and consumable boosts, which is like eating candy but for character stats, so it totally fits.

There’s also another bundle of treats to get as part of a login reward campaign, offering up even more boosts and seasonal currency for logging in a total of 15 days. Finally, players can find a Miraed Death monster in certain dungeons for even more candy currencies. All of the details for the seasonal event are on the game’s website.

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