Mortal Online 2 adds new areas to Tindrem and new minotaurs to fight


What do the addition of gardens and minotaurs have in common? They’re now in Mortal Online 2 as of the latest patch. These two things are kind of mutually exclusive, however. Don’t expect to see minotaur farmsteads in-game anytime soon. Regrettably.

The gardens in question are now found in Tindrem, along with sewers and an arena district, while the Minotaur King and some Minotaur Guard enemies were also added, presumably hanging out in places that minotaurs like to be. The update has also added mana regeneration to statistics, a pet broker, and several new titles.

The patch also comes with a number of smaller fixes including tweaks to movement to prevent jitter, adjustments to high-level and low-level critter taming to make them harder and easier respectively, and a fix for an issue where players could place items into pets they didn’t own, even if said pet had no bags equipped. We’ll let you stew on the implications of that one.

source: Steam
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