DC Universe Online is handing out free goodies for Wonder Woman Day


As of last week, Wonder Woman has been in comics for 80 years, which seems like the perfect reason for DC Universe Online to throw a celebration and hand out free gifts to its players. For those who are looking to dress up in Amazonian superhero style, there’s a free Chroma Pack, an emblem, back items, and a set of bracers, while players can also dress up their in-game wall with a Wonder Woman anniversary poster. If you happen to be a subscriber, you can also get a free Transparent Wonder Plane accessory.

In addition to dishing out free goodies, DCUO will also be featuring Wonder Woman-focused missions upscaled for high-level characters as part of the third set of Save the Universe offerings, and those who are moved to spend money can pick up a Wondrous Time Capsule with styles fashioned after Wonder Woman’s Drowned Earth attire, invisible jets, and more. Meanwhile, the free goodies are available to claim between now and Wednesday, November 17th.


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While the Wonder Woman stuff and everything else, especially with the direction DCUO is going now, is nice; the event itself is rather crummy.

The weekly event Raid is by far, one of THE WORST they could put up as an event to complete. Even in a premade, it was a hassle to get this knocked out properly since the normal meta is 5:3 of DPS/Support (1 troll, 1 heal and 1 tank)

You need 2 tanks, as one needs to hold Ares and another needs to down the Essense of War. If any other role attacks the essense; it heals it, making the first boss fight a nightmare.

Needless to say; everything else to run in the event is fine to pug BUT Throne of the Dead raid.


i would play dcuo if it was not crashing and freezing every 2 hours, and i did all solutions given and it is still crashing.