New World player hits level cap without killing anything

Bad plans.

The pacifist challenge. The challenge where a player tries to hit level cap in a game without fighting a single foe. It’s a long-standing feat that few MMORPG players dare to attempt it, but one player by the name of ORobozinho has done just that in New World, managing to hit level 60 without killing a single enemy, save for the ones that he was forced to do on the tutorial.

The achievement was completed in 10 days with 13 hours’ worth of play time, and was done primarily on the strength of gathering, crafting, and completing town board and explorer quests, especially between levels 40 and 60. Almost none of the game’s main story quests were followed at all, and every single thing that could be harvested was, from boulders to iron and upward. ORobozinho didn’t even touch a single animal to hit cap with the exception of the tutorial quest that required him to kill and skin a boar, which apparently didn’t count towards progress towards the Skinning skill, as the trade skills section of his character sheet shows.

So how does ORobozinho feel after making it to 60 by hoovering up the natural resources of New World? “I want to cry, a lot,” he writes. So, um… congratulations to him?

source: Reddit via Icy Veins
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