Closers introduces Lucy, the ‘adorable bakery girl’ with a tragic past, in a video and pre-creation event


It’s not quite the return of Bread Girl we might be hoping for, but the latest addition to the action MMO Closers is apparently an “adorable bakery girl.” An adorable bakery girl who evidently was cursed by a dragon and has to regenerate her body in a coffin. Such are the lore tidbits shared in the reveal of Lucy, the game’s newest roster addition that’s arriving to the game soon.

Players can pre-create their own Lucy ahead of her arrival and can join in on a special event for the new character that runs between November 3rd and 17th, when players can collect sunflower seeds for logging in and playing the game to spend on various items and accessories for the character. There’s also a pre-starter pack for the character that’s on sale during that same time frame full of boosts, gear, costumes, and more.

More details on just what Lucy does will likely be revealed soon, but there is a video that sort of describes who Lucy is after the cut. Strap in for a weird and vague anime ride, folks.

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