Pearl Abyss discusses the advantages of creating its own graphics engine for DokeV and Crimson Desert


If you want something done right – or at least done to a degree of “right” that seems most appropriate for your game studio – you’ve got to do it yourself. That seems to be the reason why developer Pearl Abyss crafted the BlackSpace graphics engine, which was the subject of an IGN interview with lead engine programmer Kwaghyeon Go.

This engine is the thing that powers the visuals players have seen in preview videos for DokeV and Crimson Desert, but it also is designed to make creating open world games easier, with features that allow aspects of world creation can be automated, procedurally generated, and customized. The engine also allows for seamless transitions between cutscenes and gameplay for improved immersion, and it further makes creating cross-platform play easier. Go even goes so far to suggest that BlackSpace could be used to craft a metaverse.

None of this provides any insight into how close (or far) either game is to release, but Pearl Abyss definitely is proud of BlackSpace and is very keen to talk about it.

source: IGN
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