Aura Kingdom’s Sky Tower expands to include four new dungeons


Hope you’re not scared of heights, because Aura Kingdom is about to whisk you up to the stratosphere as it continues its questionable policy of building structures on clouds. The MMO’s recent Sky Riders patch added an impressive five new Sky Tower floors and four additional dungeons.

These dungeons are the Tsubaki story dungeon, a party mode for Nightmare Realm, a solo mode for Ancient Cliff Temple, and Demon King Fantasies X: Battle of Ambition. I think that last one came to Netflix this past summer, but I’ll have to check my sources.

Additionally, players can collect candy, why not: “For the upcoming holiday season, players can participate in a number of in-game activities – such as archeology and cooking – to collect the letters C-A-N-D-Y. Once their CANDY is earned, players can exchange them for several in-game rewards including panels, buffs, and more.”

Source: Aura Kingdom
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