Profane ponders the effects of seasons, weather, and day/night cycles to gameplay


Yep, it’s another Twitter thread from Profane. Yep, it’s once again rather design document-like and vaporous. It’s also something distinct and not often considered by many sandbox MMOs: how weather, day/night cycles, and seasons can make an impact to gameplay.

The thread first considers how rising and lowering tides could hide or reveal sections of the map, but technical limitations are halting this feature from being chased too closely. Instead, the devs at Insane are looking to existing systems – day/night cycle, weather systems, and changes to the world’s season – to introduce some dynamism and strategy to Profane.

The weather systems could have a part in making areas hidden or revealed, while certain animals may only appear at times of the day or night, and certain resources may only be harvestable at certain seasons. The idea is to make those who are crafting and gathering-minded think a bit more carefully about what to harvest, what to sell, and when.

Once again, this is all open thinking with no firm dates, plans, or other concrete details. Regardless, the possibilities presented here could be intriguing, provided they can be actually executed.

source: Twitter

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I absolutely love, love, love weather systems and day/night cycles in games. If you sell me an MMOG, you can make more money and save yourself lots of time on player polls and questionnaires just by adding day and night and a bit of bloody rain now and then. When they added rain to WoW, it was the single best addition to the game to that point. And if only Cryptic could figure it out for Neverwinter, I’d never play another MMORPG again!


They need to ponder the effects of a full loot open pvp gankbox on their bottom line. Then they need to ponder how successful CIG has been with delivering their pie in the sky feature set with basically unlimited funding and perhaps rein in their expectations a little given their budget.