Battle Bards Episode 205: Love is in the air


They might not be the most naturally romantic crew at heart, but the Battle Bards have been known to get, er, swoony when love is professed and crushes confessed. In the spirit of love and romance, Steff, Syl, and Syp explore romantic themes in MMORPG soundtracks to see if they can figure out what the heart really wants!

Battle Bards is the world’s first, best, and only MMO music podcast. Biweekly episodes alternate between examining a single MMO’s soundtrack and exploring music tracks revolving around a theme. MOP’s Justin co-hosts with bloggers Steff and Syl. The cast is available on iTunesGoogle PlayTuneInPocket CastsStitcher, and Player.FM.

Listen to Episode 205: Love is in the air (or download it) now:

Episode 205 show notes

  • Intro (feat. “Lana, the Advisor” from SWTOR, “Origa, Beautiful” from Aion, “Tieve’s Theme” from Vindictus, and “Chapel of Love from EverQuest II)
  • “Endless Affection” from Rohan Online
  • “Votan Romance” from Defiance
  • “And Love You Shall Find” from FFXIV
  • “Happily Ever After” from FFXI
  • “Love Story” from RuneScape
  • “Waltz in the Forest” from Aion
  • “Romeo and Juliet” from Mabinogi
  • Which one did we like best?
  • Listener notes from Katriana
  • Jukebox Picks: “FFXIV Remix Medley” by Calico, “Side-Crawler’s Dance” from Wonder Boy III (SMS), and “Main Theme” from Square-Enix’s Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Outro (feat. “Valentione’s Day” FFXIV)
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