Kakao has delayed ArcheAge’s relaunch to tomorrow over an ‘issue in the backend system’


2021 has been the year of MMO delays, and ArcheAge’s relaunch under the Kakao banner is just one more. But don’t panic: It’s only one more day.

“We have identified an issue in the backend system that as of yet is not resolved,” Kakao wrote this morning. “This issue would prevent us from being able to deliver the level of service that we aim to achieve and therefore have decided to delay the opening of the servers until Dec 3rd.”

You might have noticed the company had been reluctant to give out a launch time as late as yesterday; apparently, this was the reason.

“Our awareness of this issue is why we were hesitant to announce an exact opening time initially, however we were hoping that we would have it fixed in time. Unfortunately, despite some intense work from our internal team and the support of the developers at XLGAMES, resolving the problem in a timely manner was not possible. We wish to reassure you that the issue is not related to the data transfer process and that your game data is not affected. We also wish to assure you that we’re doing everything possible to ensure that when we open we will deliver the best possible experience we can.”

While you wait, you should probably take a stroll through the cash shop revisions the studio has made for both the Legacy and Unchained versions of the game.

Source: Official site. Cheers, Victor and Thomas!
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