ArcheAge retools fresh start server plan, drops notes for massive day-one patch, teases 2022 plans


Got everything in the ArcheAge AMA committed to memory? Good because Kakao’s already moving on with new dropped dev blogs on what to expect from the western relaunch tomorrowday.

First, the company has revised its original plan for fresh start servers. “Our goal with ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained was to deliver the experience that you desired from the start,” the team says. “Our intention was for it to be rewarding, seamless, and to remove many of the barriers to enjoyment. After listening to some of the feedback we have received, we realized that we were missing that mark, especially where the Fresh Start servers are concerned. With this in mind, we’ll be making the following changes to our original plan.”

Notably, Kakao published a massive new schedule for when everything will open on the Legacy and Unchained versions of the game in North America and Europe. It’s disabling the double experience event from all servers; set level limits for mail, private trades, and storage permissions (10) as well as auction hall (30); and disabled peace time on fresh start servers. It clearly doesn’t think players will be thrilled about this temporary measure in particular.

“Concerns over the use of multiple accounts and also hacks and RMT have led us to make this difficult decision. Whilst this may be disliked by some, as it removes social aspects of the game that are at the core of ArcheAge, we ultimately believe that this will help combat some of the issues that you felt strongly about. This change is not permanent and we will be monitoring the economy and server activity until such a time as we feel it is safe to enable again.”

Second, Kakao has dropped patch notes for day one; they include the Spelldance skillset, the Sea Shanty questline, the Black Thorn Prison dungeon, a revamp for the ghost ship content, several PvP content additions, a major revamp for guilds (including residences, UI, prestige missions, buffs, etc.), a new global chat channel for all factions, folio bookmarking, heterochromia customization for some races, a bag sorting and search revamp, a new guide rest area for new players, a dungeon quick-enter feature, and a revamp of labor recharging.

The notes end with teases for 2022. Players can apparently look forward to an expansion of harvesting, a tune-up for growth balance, new equipment, more guild PvE content, a sea revamp, and a new region called the Great Plains. This is all presumably in addition to the content teased during the AMA, such as revamps to the crime system, trade system, fishing system, and aerial combat.

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