Amazon’s outage yesterday delayed New World merges, now set for later this week


The New World merges that were slated for this week have been delayed, and they’ll be accompanied by even more merges, which ought to make the current playerbase pretty pleased.

The Mardi-to-Brittia merge was meant for today, but of course Amazon suffered a nasty outage of its services yesterday that affected everything from video games and websites to my Fresh groceries and now I’m hungry. In addition to the server outage yesterday, the studio bumped that server merge to Thursday and added a merge for a Central EU and South America set too.

“Due to the Amazon service issue, we have to delay our first merge by one day to Thursday AM (PST). If the Community Managers haven’t posted something about this already, they will. It’s been a wild day, and I’m sorry for those that didn’t get to play or had other concerns come up today. We are also moving ahead, again barring anything that would make us pause coming from the Thursday merge, with two full or nearly full set merges (this is merging within a set, not across) on Friday. As far as I’m aware, the two sets that are getting merges on Friday are: Vanaheim Terra and Nibiru Mu.”

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