Fallen Earth contemplates using NFTs to fund development


The winner of Massively OP’s Biggest MMO Surprise of 2021 has another potential shocker up its sleeve — and this time it’s none too pleasant. Little Orbit CEO Matt Scott took to Twitter this week to ask the Fallen Earth community if it would be amenable to buying NFTs from the game to help fund further development.

“I keep getting asked by Fallen Earth players how they can support us and improve the game,” wrote Scott. “Real question: would anyone be interested in unique Fallen Earth character NFTs? Possibly full 3D rigged models? But only used as a mechanism to fund the next big wave of development?”

We’re happy to report that a majority of the responses ranged from “no!” to “HELL no!” One player tapped into the mood by writing, “Don’t do this. Fallen Earth is a treasure of an IP for Little Orbit and doing this will ruin it before the Unity port even has a chance at coming out. There’s bad ideas and there’s Jar-Jar Binks level ideas, and this is dumber than Jar-Jar Binks.”

Scott responded to such remarks about the controversial relationship between NFTs and gaming by saying, “The backlash is real — and for good reason if publishers are going to start modifying good games and trying to shoehorn in NFTs to the gameplay. But NFTs as an alternative to Kickstarter seemed like an idea worth considering.”

Source: Twitter
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