Skyforge’s Valentine’s Day event features matchmaking quests, new cosmetics, and hostile flowers


When we mention “hostile flowers” in the Valentine’s Day event going on now in Skyforge, we don’t mean that player characters are seeing their allergies flare up; we mean literal hostile flowers. There are flowers that will try to eat your player character or mere in-game mortals. You will need to fight them. Love!

The Mysteries of Love event will indeed feature angry plant life that will attempt to eat innocent mortals during a flower show that runs daily, along with aggressive flower bouquets sent to players from a lovelorn Dryad. There are also quests that see players helping the goddess of love match mortals together in adoring bliss. All of the events in question reward Rose Quartz currency, which can be used to purchase a variety of seasonal cosmetics like new costumes, new wings and various returning items.

The event is on now for PC players and will begin tomorrow, February 10th, for consoles, and will run until Wednesday, March 2nd. Good luck out there and try not to look too much like plant food.

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