Xsyon is not dead – in fact, devs are working on UI, maps, and the war system


We haven’t poked our nose into post-apoc MMO Xsyon since the middle of last year, back when studio Notorious Games said the 2011 game had completed the major systems needed to leave Steam early access, though we note the game’s Prelude version is still flagged early access on Steam even now.

However, development does indeed continue, as the latest update on the official site makes clear. The top dev on the project says he’s working through player-submitted suggestions, rewriting the game’s underlying graphics system in time for a summer test, implementing most of the war system, and revising the UI to give players more choices “so that players can interact with Xsyon either as an older style MMO (as originally designed) or a newer style survival game (as most new players expect).”┬áNotably, the studio is working out a large map update.

“The full original Xsyon map is close to being ready the public. Another large area of zones in nearly ready for patching and testing. Once that’s been submitted, there are around 150 zones that still need to be checked over and touched up. To put this into context there is a total of over 1000 land zones so we’re getting there and I may start opening up this terrain to the public before the final 150 zones are complete.”

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