Conqueror’s Blade draws from French medieval history for a new map and new units in latest season


The history of medieval France has a lot of places to draw inspiration from, whether it’s Joan of Arc or the Hundred Years’ War, and the MMORTS Conqueror’s Blade is doing just that with the release of the Paragons season, which adds units, a map, and other content inspired by the region.

As with previous seasons, Paragons kicks off a new seasonal campaign that has players completing challenges through five phases. This new campaign will introduce the map of La Grande Gloire, which pays homage to the pivotal Siege of Orléans as players will have the ability to destroy bridges to hold off the enemies or rebuild them to gain an advantage.

The season will also introduce three new units over the course of the season: the healing Alchemists, the Banner Guards, and the Chevaliers cavalry. There’s also a new battle pass with a wide variety of cosmetics to chase after. More details are waitingi n the update notes and previewed in the video below.

source: press release
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