The Elder Scrolls Blades celebrates three years by handing out free goodies to players this week


As is ever the case for multiplayer titles and MMOs, it’s the players who get the gifts on the Elder Scrolls: Blades’ birthday. The mobile and Nintendo Switch dungeon delver has been around for three years this week, and Bethesda is dishing out free goodies to its players simply for logging in.

All this week, players can collect 500 Gems, 50 Sigils, and an Amethyst Beacon decoration as a thank-you to everyone who has “enjoyed questing, exploring, and battling during [the past three years].” Players of the game seem to be generally appreciative of the freebies, with some taking to Reddit to express appreciation as well as offer up some suggestions for the game and hopes that a large-scale update is on the horizon. That same subreddit, incidentally, appears to be generally active, with a guild recrutiment megathread at the top and several topics being shared in pretty rapid succession.

On the subject of updates, the game’s last patch was in January, adding several event quests, the most recent of which involving goblin wizards starting earlier this month. The game’s future prospects appear a bit foggy right now: There was a promised PC launch in summer 2022, but as that date is fast approaching and Bethsoft hasn’t mentioned such a release since, that plan doesn’t seem likely to pan out.

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