Superbugs Awaken is a two-player co-op title where communication is key to saving an illness-ridden cat


Yes, this isn’t a massively multiplayer game; it’s two-player specifically. That said, the premise of Superbugs: Awaken is too interesting to not share: Players take up one of two roles to fight back some superbug illnesses that are plaguing a beloved pet cat named Mimi, using precise communication to help one another out.

Developer Together Games Studio describes Superbugs as “a communication-based co-op game like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes [that’s] chaotic like Overcooked 2.” Players take up the mantle of either Daddy Scientist or Sonny Hunter, each with their own distinct view of the action, as the Hunter player travels inside the cat while the Scientist has an overview of the game’s map. The game loop works like this: The Hunter player encounters a superbug, precisely describes its shape, then the Scientist player creates a vaccine based on that information to give the Hunter.

Superbugs has been in early access for about a year, receiving plenty of glowing user reviews on Steam over the course of development, ultimately leading to a full 1.0 release this past Friday. Changes from early access to release include a full makeover of the Virus and Ability system, 18 new types of superbugs, a new zone with a new boss, and a mechanic where one player’s use of a Power Pill boon will apply a negative side effect on the other player. This one really needs to be seen to fully grasp, which can be done in the video below.

sources: press release, Steam
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