Lost Ark’s new patch addresses Proving Grounds MMR and other PvP issues


No, it’s not a balance patch of any kind, but the latest patch for Lost Ark does have a PvP focus all the same, touching on things that need to be corrected for the Proving Grounds and other PvP modes in the MMOARPG.

In terms of the Proving Grounds, Amazon has applied a fix that will correctly give players the silver MMR rank that they’ve earned instead of bronze, granting players who are already in the current Proving Grounds season a bump to their MMR score in order to push them to the rank they should be.

Other fixes being applied tackle a missing overtime timer during PvP matches, add the ability for players to select the kind of weekly battle item bundle rewards they want, and correct an issue with the chat text box. The update isn’t particularly large, but it does touch on some important things for Lost Ark’s PvP’ers.

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