Lord of the Rings Online welcomes Allan ‘Orion’ Maki back to the team after nine years


Long-time Lord of the Rings Online fans will remember the name “Orion” from back in the Turbine era. Orion – aka Allan Maki – was one of the original developers of the MMORPG, the lead content designer, and a prolific writer of dev diaries on the website. However, back in 2014 Maki departed the company to work for CVS, where he’s been ever since.

It turns out that this wasn’t a “forever goodbye” between Maki and LOTRO because as of this week, Orion is back in the building (so to speak) at Standing Stone Games. “Knowing him or not matters little because after nine years apart from a love that he cherished, he has returned,” Maki posted of himself on the forums.

“I have loved and still love LOTRO and I have been graciously accepted back into the fold of the development ranks,” he said. “I have made my way back home and you will be hearing from me more soon™.”

Source: LOTRO
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