Runes of Magic and APB Reloaded outline their respective Easter events


Yep, it’s time for more MMO Easter celebrations! This time we’re turning to the magical realm of Runes of Magic and the not-so-magical realm of APB Reloaded, both of which have outlined their respective Easter events for those eager to celebrate the springtime.

In ROM, the season is being marked with increased XP, TP, and loot earnings, along with special currency drops that can be traded in for a variety of boost items and Proof of Myth drops from the normal versions of Sardo Castle and Eternal Circle dungeons.

Over in APB, the Egg Hunt event has come back, which tasks players with mugging chickens, bunnies, or other players for their eggs in special Easter-themed instances of Financial and Waterfront to earn several new titles and Joker Tickets, while previous seasonal cosmetics will be packed into a single cash shop store bundle for those who must wear an Easter egg for a helmet.

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