Black Desert PC tweaks item descriptions and weights, launches gathering and farming-related events


Are you ready to go hard on the intense gathering and farming of Black Desert? Then perhaps you’re a bad enough mofo to take on one of the events available on the PC version, where players have to combat more moles and gather more materials to earn extra hard black crystal shards. Or if that’s too hard for you, then there’s additional quests that earn players hunter’s seals, contribution XP, and more hard black crystal shards.

This event is one of several added to the PC version this week, along with rewards for logging in and playing for specific lengths of time, hot time events for regular and seasonal servers, and special monster drops for Marni’s reasearch project.

As for general features in the update, item descriptions have been adjusted to better communicate their importance to new players, item weights have been lightened for over 300 items, contribution XP rewards have been increased for certain activities, and classes have gotten another round of tweaks as per usual.

source: official site (1, 2)
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