BioWare is seeking new hires to ‘create the next Star Wars The Old Republic game’


Apparently, BioWare is hiring, seeking developers to create “the next Mass Effect, Dragon Age, or Star Wars: The Old Republic games.” Yes, you read that right: next. As in possible sequel. Maybe.

The job listings in question seek out a level designer, a level design director, and an encounter designer. Requirements and duties among these three positions include intriguing bits like experience with closed and/or open world layouts, knowledge of “current MMORPG trends,” and familiarity with creating “complex” multiplayer combat encounters.

Of course, the word “next” is doing a lot of presumptive lifting here, so it’s hard to know for sure if SWTOR 2 is indeed a thing that’s going to be coming down the pike. That said, the game’s current producer is the one who retweeted the job bulletin announcement, so take that as you will.

sources: Twitter, EA jobs board. Cheers, Brandon!
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