Lord of the Rings Online finally retires legendary warsteed bridles


When the Riders of Rohan expansion came to Lord of the Rings Online in 2012, its new mounted combat system attempted to shake up the status quo. And with the warsteeds came a third legendary item slot for every character, a bridle that was supposed to help with charging enemies across open plains.

Now in 2022, mounted combat isn’t quite the rip-roaring success that the devs hoped it would be — blame the engine, which couldn’t handle fluid fighting like this — and the legendary item system itself recently saw a widespread revamp. Instead of bringing legendary bridles into the new age, Standing Stone Games decided to quietly retire and replace those items with normal, now-standard pieces of gear in today’s update.

“New non-legendary item bridles are now available with stats scaled appropriately across level bands pertinent to mounted combat content,” said the studio. “These new bridles can be acquired by bartering with the Eastemnet Miscellany quartermaster found in various Rohan hubs.”

Source: LOTRO
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