Old School RuneScape is cracking down on third-party clients to reduce cheating and botting

Yeah, that makes sense.

If you’re among those who use a third-party client to access Old School RuneScape, then Jagex’s latest announcement is for you: The devs are cracking down on the number of approved third-party clients, paring the officially allowed options down to three as part of their efforts to be more “proactive in protecting the interests of the game.”

The three approved clients are RuneLite, HDOS, and OSBuddy, with no plans to expand the list anytime soon. Players who are found to be using third-party clients other than these three will be breaching the game’s terms and conditions, and will be banned for a minimum of two weeks. Players will have a grace period from now until Friday, June 24th, to make the switch.

This tightening of the screws is described as part of Jagex’s efforts to limit access to cheating and botting features. “The initial boundaries we set out for what is and is not acceptable have been pushed to the limit, and at times the lines of acceptability have been crossed. […] It’s clear that while our current approach has hindered the efforts of illegitimate clients and features, it is far from perfect. We need a better long-term solution that strikes the right balance between player enjoyment and game integrity,” the post explains.

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