Player-run cyberpunk MMO Neocron balances weapons and armor in latest update


While the player-controlled cyberpunk MMO Neocron has had some flashy updates before like the one that polished up visuals and combat, sometimes other patches need to be applied that are less sexy. Such is the case for its most recent update, which is primarily focusing on balance.

The adjustments in question are pretty specific, tweaking certain melee weapons, armor, nanites, and APU anti modules. The vast majority of these changes fall on the nerf side of the scale, though armors have primarily seen buff-facing adjustments like lowered stat requirements or increases to the Monk armor mod.

Stamina use has also been been rebalanced to make it more consistent among each weapon type, while stamina use is increased on AoE weapons and decreased for melee weapons. As mentioned before, it isn’t the sexiest patch, but it’s still an important one for players.

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