Player-run Neocron just released a truly massive graphics and combat update


Who needs Cyberpunk 2077’s increasingly distant multiplayer when the first cyberpunk MMO is still alive and kickin’ out updates? We’re talking about Neocron, of course, the Reakktor Media-made 2002 MMO that actually could’ve gone belly-up but for the developer graciously handing the reins of the game over to the players, who’ve now kept it going almost a decade on top of the original.

The current team pushed out its massive 2.5 update this past week, and that’s no exaggeration: The patch notes are a 21-page PDF, with new shops, new loot, new and buffed missions, updated zones, improved HD textures and other graphics tweaks, a combat and damage and class balancing pass, buffed quests, new NPCs, leveling revamps, tweaks for implants… it’s a lot. “The intention has been to move away from the reliance on AoE grinding and improve other levelling methods to be just as viable,” the devs say.

MOP’s own Game Archaeologist recapped the history of the game a few years back, so give that a peek before you dip into the patch’s official video below.

Source: Official site. Cheers, Bruno!

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Jack Pipsam

Gamigo shutting down games and Anthem given up on, meanwhile Neocron here just being the chad survivor.

I’m glad, Neocron is just so damn unique, it deserves to keep on going.

Oleg Chebeneev

Now we can do such video with HD textures xD

Im actually glad this game is still in development and recieves such major updates. Might even try it when have more free time.


i read ‘HO Textures’
made my left eyebrow rise slightly

Roger Christie

Neocron was the very first MMO I played.

Bruno Brito

I kept F5ing MOP today waiting for this one. I’m really proud of bringing it to light, Neocron is a gem, and should be at least rememberd as such, even if i won’t ever see it getting to the 1k players.

And the revamps made things more streamlined and sensical, quite good.


Wouldn’t it make more sense to ask for a COD:Cyberpunk?

Because that’s what multiplayer Cyberpunk will look like.