Battlefield 2042 boss promises a singular focus on supporting and updating the shooter

"The team is here to make Battlefield"


With Season One’s delayed launch and reports of a “skeleton crew” working on Battlefield 2042 still likely ringing in developer DICE’s ears, studio general manager Rebecka Coutaz has shared a variety of assurances in a recent interview, discussing how the studio is changing its development ethos and promising that DICE is in it for the long haul.

Much of the interview once again rebuts the reporting of a small team working on 2042, as Coutaz talks about taking on new leadership that has experience in supporting live service games, discussions with other devs in EA’s umbrella to learn how to support 2042 as a live service title, and adding new tools and processes to make iteration on the shooter more agile. She also talks up the benefits of having a hybrid in-office/WFH setup, which allows the studio the ability to hire people from around the world.

“The launch of Battlefield 2042 was not as expected. Our players and community were disappointed, but so was our development team,” admits Coutaz in the interview. “The team is here to make Battlefield, and they’re passionate about Battlefield. We have many Battlefield veterans. So it’s important for us to improve Battlefield 2042 and the experience that we can provide to our players. We owe them that.”

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