PSO2 New Genesis unveils the monster summoning Waker class arriving in August


Just because Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is set in a sci-fi world doesn’t mean there isn’t some mysticism happening in it – the Force and Techter classes are perfect examples – so the fact that the game is going to be getting a summoner-style class soon is not really breaking any rules here. During the latest NGS Headline video, the game introduced the Waker class, which can call forth a variety of critters to its side to attack foes.

Despite being very close to the Summoner class, the Waker doesn’t require the raising of pets, instead relying on familiars that can match players’ fighting style. The Waker has three different types of familiars specifically, with options to engage either in melee or at range. In addition, familiars can coordinate together to unleash an ultimate attack. The Waker class is set to arrive in an August update.

In other PSO2 NGS news, the game is inviting players to make an ARKS ID card for prizes, while the first day of every month is now being heralded as PSO2 Day.

sources: YouTube, official site (1, 2)
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